John Kenneth Muir (JKM) is the award-winning author of Horror Films of the 1970s, Horror Films of the 1980s, The Encyclopedia of Superheroes on Film and Television, and The X-Files FAQ, and the creator of the web series, The House Between. His blog, Reflections on Film and Television, was named one of the 100 best film sites on the net in 2010, and his newest book is Horror Films of 2000 – 2009 which Library Journal called “a labor of love” and “highly recommended.” John is an associate professor in Humanities and teaches Communication, Public Speaking, and Technology and Society at South Piedmont Community College. He lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with his wife, teenage son, and three cats. He plays Dr. Sam Clark in Enter the House Between.

Joseph Maddrey has researched, written and/or produced over 100 hours of documentary television, including episodes of Discovery Channel’s A Haunting, Oxygen’s Snapped, and History’s Ancient Aliens. He is also the author of a dozen books, including Nightmares in Red, White and Blue; Lance Henriksen’s authorized biography Not Bad for a Human; and the multi-volume Adapting Stephen King. He lives in Richmond, Virginia, with his wife and daughter.

Tony Mercer gets pulled away from editing and sound design two or three times a year to say words. He sincerely hopes you like the words.

Kim Breeding-Mercer has used nearly every mode of artistic expression she knows in her work on Enter the House Between, drawing on her background in theater and music as well as her day-job skills of writing and design. She loves that this show and its cast and crew push her, and each other, to continue to grow and try new things. She lives in Virginia with her husband, daughter, dog, and grand-snake.

Jim Blanton is a swashbuckler at heart, though he is not on board with the piracy with which the term is often associated. Instead, he has opted for a life path filled with yoga, hiking, podcasting, etc., all of which remarkably provide the endless series of adventures he has sought out by accident or design. He has also recently discovered a love of stationary rowing; make of that what you will. Jim portrays Arlo in Enter the House Between. He is not particularly afraid of tornadoes but maintains a healthy respect for their destructive power.

Alicia Martin (Ravenclaw) is an Operations Manager for a corporation by day, slinger of indoor plants on nights and weekends, mother to three little boys (Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw) and wife to one adult male (Slytherin). She is also the provider of food and occasional snuggles to three cats and a dog. In her abundance of spare time, Alicia enjoys slipping into the character of Theresa Melita for the web and audio series, Enter the House Between. She enjoys watching Star Wars and anime, and dreams of one day playing a Disney villain or a professor at Hogwarts.

Craig Eckrich joined the cast in 2007 during the original web series run. His no-nonsense, meat and potatoes approach to the character of Sgt Brick was immediately beloved by cast, crew, and audience alike. Behind the scenes, he keeps everyone in stitches; Craig shares this talent for witty banter as part of his professional work in public outreach.

Chris Martin met Alicia and the rest of The House Between crew while filming their inaugural season back in 2006. Little did he know that 15 years later, he would be married to Alicia and playing TJ in the show. Now, Enter the House Between and all of its lovely denizens have become a larger part of his family. When Chris isn’t finding new ways to get TJ into trouble, he enjoys dancing, spending time with his 3 boys, and doing the next crazy workout with his F3 buddies. Chris is currently the VP of sales for a software company in Charlotte, NC and has a side business making disc golf discs through TOBU Technology.

Kathryn Muir served as an executive producer on the original web series The House Between. She is the life partner of John Kenneth Muir and patron saint of the arts. Always ready to support and nurture the creative spirit of the THB universe, offering administrative help, critical feedback (solicited and unsolicited) and unconditional love. She manages the chaos of her home in Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband, son and three cats. She plays Samantha in Enter the House Between.

Leslie Cossor joined the Enter the House Between cast in 2021, bringing to life the character of Eris. She has worked locally, regionally, off Broadway and with Cirque Du Soleil’s “Quidam.” Her repertoire spans classical and modern works, physical theater, costume design and technology, circus arts, voice and movement techniques. Leslie specializes in voice in movement with her work heavily based in elements found in Fitz-Maurice and Linklater voice work, Laban, Bartenieff and Alexander movement techniques. She lives in Charlotte, NC with her husband and two children.